“Glenn Close is ravishing. She reprises the role of Norma Desmond, making her debut in London which has won her several awards in Los Angeles and Broadway. Dressed in silks, furs and sophisticated couture, made exclusively for showbiz royalty and divas, she engages the audience’s eyes and converts them all, even those who don’t like musicals. She is a charismatic beaming star when she sings songs including ‘Surrender’, practically whispering before she gives vocal bravado to ‘As if we never said goodbye.’”

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#GlennClose is ravishingly fabulous ‘darling’! #ENOSunset @E_N_O #intervaltweet pic.twitter.com/xwMtr5WMHg

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 4, 2016

Late start but the atmosphere is pumping with musical lovers and Sunset Boulevard fans. #ENOSunset #Pressnight pic.twitter.com/SIM8bLHc7g

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 4, 2016

The dashing #MichaelXaviar and ravishingly star performer #GlennClose. Immaculate & radiant performance #ENOSunset pic.twitter.com/LRzzC5bYw0

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 4, 2016

The honours goes to conductor Michael Reed & the #ENO Orchestra, floating the audience to the Hollywood. #ENOSunset pic.twitter.com/Du4zf0Wo96

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 4, 2016

#GlennClose is amazing! She made the role her own, as if the lead – Norma Desmond – was made for her. #ENOSunset pic.twitter.com/UB9rOr7Tfh

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 4, 2016

My ☆☆☆☆☆#Review #ENOSunset Moving, Unique and Ingenious productionhttps://t.co/fNdk9GnBXc @sunsetblvd pic.twitter.com/y73C3cOaU5

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 5, 2016

Nice to see me quoted @TheStage in @sunsetblvd #ENOSunset Critics’ round up via @LondonTheatre1.Thanks @churlishmeg pic.twitter.com/UIltLmma0T

— Mary Grace Nguyen (@MaryGNguyen) April 6, 2016