/Unburied (2018)

Unburied (2018)

Dark and Chilly


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Hermetic Arts new intriguing work, Unburied delves deep into the mysteries of a cultural past. It explores traces of a six-part children’s Folk Horror TV series that went missing, presumably destroyed. Folklore enthusiast, Carrie Marx pieces together theoretical and alternative explanations of its disappearance through her own personal investigation; from consulting the British Museum, historical archives, penny dreadfuls, search engines and even the dark web.

Carrie Marx – Unburied

With a likeness to Dana Scully, Marx sits on stage with a laptop, microphone and a projector screen. Softly speaking into the microphone, she proceeds slowly and calmly. She has the occasional comedy pause to let off some steam about her frustrating research, much-needed for an increasingly intense and uneasy room.

These breadcrumbs first appear harmless; an investigation recorded on a real-time podcast, but gradually as Marx progresses with her findings, she falls deeper into a murky rabbit hole—the Waterloo East theatre fills with a chilly and dark air, and goosebumps prick the skin.

Unburied deals with questions about the cracks in our collective memory. Should things that were buried be left alone? Marx has a bold and compelling way of storytelling, so go and see the show!

Unburied has its last show today at the VAULT Festival at the Waterloo East Theatre at 6:05pm. Click here to purchase tickets now (£11.50-12.50).

Click here for the Vault Festival website and purchase tickets here to find out more about Unburied on the Hermetic Arts website.