/Great British Mysteries? at Soho Theatre (2018)

Great British Mysteries? at Soho Theatre (2018)


The Loch Ness monster, the Enfield Haunting, Jack the Ripper… these mysteries remain unresolved. Some say they are hoaxes, myths or unsolvable events, but, either way, there are the likes of Olive Bacon and Dr. Teddy Tyrell who will go where no human has ever gone before to demystify some of Britain’s greatest mysteries.

Having sold-out in Edinburgh Fringe, 2017, Great British Mysteries? has arrived at the Soho Theatre where Olive and Teddy share their curious and nonsensical findings with the London audience. But it doesn’t really matter how ridiculous their findings may sound. Whatever answer they come to it’s bound to be shockingly hilarious and irrelevant.

Will Close (as Teddy) and Rose Robinson (as Olive) take us through sound bites of some of the most bizarre and puzzling happenings in history through odd accounts of the strange, the weird and the scary. Video projections, eerie music and ghostly sounds, orchestrated by some guy called Graham, keep the performance pacey, fresh and extremely funny. (It was quite hard not to giggle; I got rather exhausted by the end of the hour-long show from all of the laughing.)

Whatever stereotype you might have of a very British Mulder and Scully, in a grandpa jumper with a strong prejudice for Noel Edmonds, you’ve got it. Robinson and Close aren’t winging it; they’re genuinely witty and manage to make a few unrehearsed laughs on the cuff as well.

Directed by Joseph Hancock, Great British Mysteries? present humour between a funny pair that’s got their comic timing right. They work marvellously together. Think of a 90’s budget video and some of the most memorable music by the band, Catatonia. Here’s one for those who are up for a silly night at the theatre and don’t take life too seriously.

Great British Mysteries? is now showing at the Soho Theatre on 18 & 19 May (10.30pm). Click here to purchase £12 tickets.