A remarkable 1993 live broadcast recording of Leonard Bernstein has been reproduced into a newly mastered CD by SOMM Recordings. The recording has never been issued before, which makes it even more exciting for devout Bernstein fans. It has been inspired by the celebrations of the centenary of the genius composer and conductor. The Hannover Philharmonie performs the recording with conductor Iain Sutherland.

Leonard Bernstein: Broadway to Hollywood includes five of Bernstein’s most defining works ranging from his dramatic theatrical scores and touching symphonic pieces. From the overture to Bernstein’s 1956 reimagining of Voltaire’s Candide, his Symphonic Suite (pieced together by his score for Elia Kazan’s Oscar-laden 1954 film On the Waterfront), theatre music for Jerome Robbins’s ballet Fancy Free, his tribute piece to the city of New York, On the Town, and last, but not least, West Side Story. It is Berstein’s musical masterwork that transformed America’s place in the musical theatre world, from 1957.

Bernstein’s way with music, infusing genres: jazz, Latin music, concert and classic symphonic scores, are encapsulated in this fabulous recording.

The CD also includes an insightful booklet on the composer and his wonderful works by the author of Broadway to Hollywood: the Musical and the Cinema, Robert Matthew-Walker.

Here is a MP3 recording you can listen to online now: https://soundcloud.com/siva-oke/the-great-lover-on-the-town

You can purchase the new CD Leonard Bernstein: Broadway to Hollywood on Amazon here.

Official release is July 27 August 

Leonard Bernstein: Broadway to Hollywood

Hannover Philharmonie/Iain Sutherland, conductor

ARIADNE 5002/ SOMM Recordings