/(No) Leaves On My Precious Self: Drayton Arms Theatre (2018

(No) Leaves On My Precious Self: Drayton Arms Theatre (2018


Kate Fabray is fearless. The acting world is cold, competitive and full of uncertainty and that’s the main idea behind her work (No) Leaves On My Precious Self. Fabray takes this notion and attempts to deconstruct it for people to see and understand. Fabray is the director, writer and lead actor for this production and kudos to her for making it work out well as she demonstrated to an enthusiastic audience at the Drayton Arms Theatre.

She states how much it is a curse and a tough-enough challenge for anyone who seeks a career in the arts. As she told me in an interview (click here), she became frustrated after receiving no call backs from auditions that she took it upon herself to set up her own production, and its primary message ring true for many industries, not just the theatre world.

She speaks candidly on how beauty and appearance are just a few things panelists look out for in actors at the auditions, yet tirelessly doing it again and again, without receiving a ‘hint’ of feedback, can dampen an actor’s confidence. Fabray carefully takes the audience through a day in the life of an actor – through song, performing arts and monologue. For her, it began in her younger years at a school play, performing as a cardboard tree. Her character expresses how stage artists, often, are unsure of their abilities and constantly question whether or not they are worth the part they’ve been rehearsing, hours, for.

Her vocal performances include ‘City of Stars’ from La La Land and cabaret songs by Édith Piaf, and she sang them charmingly with touches of wit and humour. For the small, compact space of the Drayton Arms Theatre, Fabray didn’t need to project her voice, but this wasn’t a singing performance – this was Fabray’s ability to evoke the voices of thousands of vulnerable and hopeful actors driven and motivated to find themselves on the stage. Overall the performance is elegant and engaging, and you get the sense that she is breaking the fourth wall and speaking openly about her experiences. The gaps between spoken words, song and dance provide a coherent path to her narrative. Watch this space. Kate Fabray is on the move for success.

(No) Leaves on My Precious Self was shown at the Drayton Arms Theatre on Sunday 12 August. If you want to follow Kate Fabray on social media, please click here. For more information on the Drayton Arms Theatre, go here