/Dear TrendFem Friends,

Dear TrendFem Friends,

Dear Trendfem Friends,

After close to five great years on this journey with you, it’s time to say goodbye to Trendfem. What began as a passion project evolved into a life-changing experience full of fun, inspiration and support. Even though I’ll, still, be posting on Twitter and Instagram, I’m sad I will be saying goodbye to the larger theatre, classical music and opera communities. I feel that I made positive contributions in different forms and for that I will always be grateful. Be it making friends with other enthusiastic Tweeters, bloggers, or meeting incredibly talented artists and working with dedicated marketeers and PR pros. The bloggers’ community is only increasing and I am confident that those currently writing, as well as those in the future, can devote and allocate their energies, time and resources required for the artists, musicians, and theatre and opera companies who need the exposure and help to engage audiences in their work. 

In the meantime, I won’t be saying goodbye to writing altogether. I’ll be channelling my focus onto other writing projects. What projects? I’m not entirely sure, yet, but this departure from TrendFem will give me the strength and time to figure out exactly what I need to do next. You shall all be sorely missed.

Thank you for everything.